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Spanish-American War Cannon

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 10 feet, four inches long; 4,500 pounds

Location: Near South 5th and G streets on the east side of Wright Park

Date: Dedicated in 1900

Historical Background: Though not technically a piece of art, the origin and purpose of the Spanish-American War cannon generates curiosity among park visitors. The cannon was captured in 1898 at Morro Castle in Havana, Cuba, during the Spanish-American War. After Sen. Addison G. Foster secured it for Tacoma, Col. Albert E. Joab presented it to Mayor L.D. Campbell during a Fourth of July dedication ceremony in 1900. During the ceremony, the battleship Iowa, which played a major role in helping end the war against Spain, fired a sunrise salute from the water; the cannon fired in answer. It has not been fired since.

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