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Norpoint Pool & Center

4818 Nassau Ave. NE / 48th Ave. NE & Nassau

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Norpoint Building & Pool Improvements
State-of-the-art upgrades to improve the Natatorium environment and operations: upgraded humidity control and ventilation equipment to improve air quality in the Natatorium, and replaced lighting fixtures to increase illuminationa nd save energy. Remodeled existing spaces to improve delivery of recreation services: remodeled and reconfigured main lobby, and replaced furniture. Remodeled the exercise areas for separation of conflicting activities. Improved the function of spaces for operational efficiency and patron service: increased security monitoring and added to the intercom network for better control of the facility. Upgraded building systems to extend the useful life of the facility: provided selective air conditioning, replaced water heater to increase capacity for patron showers, and replaced electrical lighting fixtures with energy efficient ones. Upgrade protective finishes to extend the life of the facility: restore 13-year-old roofing membranes, refurbish exterior stucco and block masonry to increase imperviousness and longevity, replaced portions of roofing systems where infrared imaging identified water intrusion, and removed portions of existing stucco exterior cladding to remediate significant moisture intrusion identified by infrared imaging.

Exterior Before Exterior After
Lobby Before Lobby After

08/05/09 Project Complete
10/27/07 Project Started
05/03/07 Members Open House at Norpoint - architect and MPT planning & communication staff chatted with members regarding planned bond improvement

Existing Conditions - A comprehensive inventory of existing conditions was made:
- structural elements inspected by KPFF Consulting Engineers
- roofing elements inspected by Wetherhold and Associates
- architectural elements inspected by ARC Architects
- aquatic elements inspected by TSE Architecture, Engineering, Planning
- mechanical and electrical elements inspected by Tres West Engineers
- recreation facility functions evaluated by MPT recreational services
- facility operations and maintenance evaluated by MPT building services

Work Completed By:
GenCon Pacific
Krazan & Associates, Inc.
Spectra Contract Flooring, Inc.
Bank & Office Interiors

Budget: The Parks Improvement Bond Measure, approved by the citizens of Tacoma in November of 2005, provided $1.5 million for general upgrades to the pool and $1.255 million  for general enhancements and upgrades to the Centre.
Total capital funds assigned to this project: $2,587,138 (08/15/08 - funding for the building was increased by $12,018 which was surplus after closeout of the Flooring Upgrades Project / funding for the pool was increased by $11,319 which was surplus after closeout of the Pool Skimmer Grating Project.) 

Project Manager: Ken Cornwall, 253-305-1082 / TTY 253-759-9286

Norpoint Centre Floor Covering Upgrades
Floor covering upgrades were needed prior to the full scale improvements work for the building and pool.

Flooring Before Flooring After

Project is complete.
05/25/07 Project Start

Work Completed By:
Contractor - Spectra Contract Flooring

Budget: $97,000

Project Manager: Ken Cornwall, 253-305-1082 / TTY 253-759-9286

Norpoint Pool Skimmer Improvements, Replace Grating
Purchase new skimmer equipment and install with in-house staff.

Pool Grates Before Pool Grates After

Project Status:

Project Completed
09/01/06 Project Started

Budget: $43,000

Project Manager: Ken Cornwall, 253-305-1082 / TTY 253-759-9286

Norpoint Centre Climbing Wall
The climbing wall was a charitable memorable gift given through Metro Parks Foundation by a private donor in memory of her son. This project was for the preparations and modifications at the southeast racquet ball court to facilitate erection of the new climbing wall.
Climbing Wall Before Climbing Wall After

08/22/07 Project Completed
05/25/07 Project Start

Work Completed By:
Professional structural engineering services - KPFF
Construction - In Time Renovations, L.L.C.

Budget: $28,200 (actual $26,812.53)

Project Manager: Ken Cornwall, 253-305-1082 / TTY 253-759-9286

Norpoint Center Reader Board Sign
Remodel "The Centre at Norpoint" sign for installation of a new double faced reader board cabinet that has upgraded graphic capabilities.
Reader Board Before Reader Board After

08/14/07 Project Completed
08/31/06 Project Started

Work Completed By:
Construction - Shoreline Sign & Awning

Budget: $23,000 (actual $20,676.62)

Project Manager: Ken Cornwall, 253-305-1082 / TTY 253-759-9286


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