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Breakwater Peninsula Joint Planning

adjacent to the former Asarco Smelter site

What's Planned for Your Park
Breakwater Peninsula Joint Planning - Work with Point Ruston, EPA, Tacoma Yacht Club and Citizens for a Healthy Bay to jointly plan how remedial action and park development on MPT owned properties that are part of the Asarco Superfun project can be completed. 
Development Planning

Preliminary Design Plan
This work consists of preparation of a Preliminary Design Plan for the redevelopment of Peninsula Park adjacent to the former Asarco Smelter Site for public recreation use. It also involves working with Tacoma Yacht Club as a current lease tenant and with the City of Tacoma as a potential future lease tenant to achieve a design which is suitable to all parties. The Preliminary Design is anticipated to include the following elements:
  1. Promenade and pedestrian pathways layout
  2. Roads and parking layout
  3. Open-air amphitheater layout
  4. Fencing, gates and security layout
  5. Landscaping and irrigation
  6. Restroom
  7. Utility infrastructure
  8. Land-form plan
  9. A line item cost estimate and work scope outline with suggested assignment of cost/work scope to the Involved Parties.
Development Planning
To be determined.

Preliminary Design Plan
$15,000 for design fees to be paid to Point Ruston for their professional services. The money comes from the Asarco Fund.

Project does not use 2005 Bond funds.

Project Status
04/08/11 Point Ruston has delayed further meetings/discussion pending a proposal to the City of purchase of promenade and other rights of way.
02/18/11 The PMX Preliminary Engineering Report is complete and has been reviewed with the Stakeholders. A Stakeholder meeting on Jan. 14 resulted in a need to revise schedules based on changing strategies by EPA and Point Ruston. Additional meetings with Point Ruston are being scheduled to define upcoming work scopes.
11/19/10 A significant focus of this project so far has been on conducting preliminary engineering studies to better understand the technical requirements for all parties. The draft Engineering Study covers issues related to site utilities, roads and access, site grading and estimate of site development costs. This report is based on design work carried out by MPT and Point Ruston in 2006-07. It also utilizes other site planning assumptins developed by the Stakeholders over the nearly fifteen years of previous planning. The 2006-07 work resulted in an agreed-upon site design for the park but Point Ruston and MPT were unable to reach an agreement as to how cleanup and redevelopment were to occur. The current work focuses on four specific ares of the site: Peninsula Park, Tacoma Yacht Club, Breakwater Marina and the 'Missing Link' Promenade. The estimated costs in the report far exceed resources MPT has available and participation from othe rStakeholders remains to be seen. The report points out the considerable requirement for susrface roads and utilities passing through the Ruston portion of the Point Ruston development.
09/03/10 Utility inventory is nearly complete. PMX and Metro Parks have met with the Town of Ruston and a meeting with the City of Tacoma is being scheduled. PMX work with the TYC is being completed. A Stakeholder meeing with Point Ruston and EPA is scheduled for September 24.
03/26/10 MPT and Point Ruston have recently signed an agreement to jointly plan for the redevelopment of Peninsula Park in conjunction with the Point Ruston Development. Point Ruston has an obligation to provide capping fo the peninsula as part of environmental mitigation. MPT staff met with representatives of Point Ruston, the Tacoma Yacht Club and EPA on March 16 to discuss how those four groups can work together to achieve a successful park development. EPA has an interest in utilizing the Peninsula as a site for dewatering and stockpiling sediments they plan to dredge from the TYC boat basin. The decision is dependent on additional studies of the suitability of the site given its sensitivity to earthquake damage. EPA is also planning to take responsibility for capping and shore protection at the Yacht Club. TYC is also preparing a master plan for the Club site. The proposed design of the park is based on the agreed-to design developed jointly by Point Ruston and MPT in 2007. The only significant modification since the 2007 plan is a change that places access to TYC on the Peninsula itself rather than on Point Ruston's property. The park will be configured to accommodate public events, and it is highly likely there will be some when the park is completed. Point Ruston is primarily concerned with Peninsula Park only, while MPT and TYC have a broader interest and concern with the entire yacht basin, pedestrian promenade connections, Breakwater Marina facilities and boat ramp parking. It will also be important that we preserve options for other development MPT may be doing in the area including maintenance center relocation, Triangle Property redevelopment and the SAMI school.
Development Planning
Project Cancelled - Based on discussions with Point Ruston in October of 2007 the work will be limited to MPT monitoring final design and construction of environmental remediation required under EPA Superfund program.
09/21/07 Board members agree that the Point Ruston proposal to lease the property for concert use should not be pursued further. MPT staff will continue to work with Point Ruston to find the best way to coordinate their cleanup with our desire to develop a park on the Breakwater Peninsula. Per EPA's request, MPT will take steps to more completely fence and post no trespassing signs to keep the public off our property prior to and during cleanup.
08/31/07 No firm decision has been made. A presentation was made to the Park Board Aug. 27. After hearing testimony from the public, the Board passed a resolution asking MPT to continue investigating but not endorsing a Letter of Intent. Staff will have further discussion with Point Ruston and the Park Board. A staff group is being formed to brainstorm possibilities for the use of Peninsula Park.
08/17/07 There were approximately 50 people at the open house meeting Aug. 16, 2007. View questions/comments from this meeting and staff responses. We will probably sign a letter of intent (at the Aug. 27, 2007 board meeting) to allow Point Ruston to develop and take over management of Peninsula Park. Point Ruston is required by law to remedy the sit by no later than Oct. 31, 2008 - including capping the site and preventing further contaminatin of the soil with several feet of clean fill on top as well as some kind of vegetation and irrigation system. It makes sense to develop the site into a park while remedying the environmental issues. According to the proposal, the public would have unrestricted access to the park except during special events (estimated at 12 per year) Point Ruston would host in the proposed amphitheater/pavilion area. Signing a lease agreement would be the next step (deadline Sept. 30, 2007) followed by a State Environmental Protection Act submittal and a development agreement by the end of the year. The new park is expected to be completed by spring 2009.

Completed Projects - Preliminary Design Plan:

Project is complete. Point Ruston, City of Tacoma, and MPT have developed an agreed-to site plan. Point Ruston has developed grading plans and cost estimates and has made a proposal for cost-sharing to MPT. MPT is reviewing the proposal with the City of Tacoma.
July-October 2006

Joint Planning
 Project Start Date - 05/28/10
 Design Consultant - Parametrix
 Anticipated Bid Advertisement Date - 12/01/10
 Notice to Proceed -
 Contractor -
 Substantial Completion -

Project Constraints and Uncertainties
  • Point Ruston's plans for development on the former Smelter site are still in progress, and may have a significant impact on access to this site by the public and the Tacoma Yacht Club.
  • Cleanup orders requiring action by Point Ruston are being circulated for public comment concurrent with this effort. Decisions by EPA and the Federal Bankruptcy Court concerning Asarco's responsibility for the site may significantly influence other decisions MPT makes regarding this site.
  • Metro Parks is uncertain about division of financial and managerial responsibility of involved parties. There may be significant obstacles to blending public and private captial funds.
Community & Board Participation

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